txgen’s guattari reading list

like all the other lists on this blog, this will be constantly updated. let me know in the comments or in my email (me@txgenmeyer.com) what changes you’d recommend.

by Guattari:
Lines of Flight (This is probably the best introduction to Guattari I can think of besides maybe Genosko’s Felix Guattari)
There are some really strong essays in the collected works. As I tell my tutorees, download the pdfs and see which you gravitate towards. I’d also read the interviews published in The Guattari Effect
Chaosmosis (You probably want to read Three Ecologies before this)
Schizoanalytic Cartographies (tbh I’d read ATP before I read this)

with Deleuze:
For a good introduction to Deleuze, I’d maybe recommend his Empiricism and Subjectivity, Spinoza, and his Nietzsche and Philosophy. Also Hardt has a good text titled Gilles Deleuze I’d recommend.

What is Philosophy?
Are either of these necessary? Eventually. But they aren’t a priority, or at least I wouldn’t prioritize them. I would plan to read them at some point.

Anti-Oedipus (I’d read Difference and Repetition before I read AO if I were you.)
A Thousand Plateaus (I’d recommend Bonta and Protevi’s Deleuze and Geophilosophy as a good companion text also Grosz’s Chaos, Territory, Art)

“Further”/Secondary Reading
Lazarrato, Marcel Duchamp and The Refusal of Work
Clastres, Society Against the State
Stengers and Prigogine, Order out of Chaos
Marx, Capital (especially Vol 1 part 7-9, and Vol 3 parts 6 and 7)
Vaneigem, The Revolution of Everyday Life
Tiqqun and Invisible Committee
Freud, Beyond the Pleasure Principle
Spinoza, Ethics
Simondon, L’individuation psychique et collective
Preciado, Testo Junkie

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